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Before You Start

At Trensco Landscaping we know it can be a daunting task to select just the right landscaping company.  Below are a few tips to keep in mind when considering hiring a landscaping company for your project.


  1. Ask your family and friends for referrals.

  2. Require proof of liability insurance and current worker's compensation insurance.

  3. Ask if they specialize in any particular areas or do they offer a broad range of services.

  4. Examine written guarantees.

  5. Request printed follow-up maintenance instructions.

  6. Ask whether the company president or management will be personally involved in the design and installation of your project.

  7. Ask if there will be any additional sub contractors on your project.


Don't be afraid to ask questions and require references. Take the time to follow up on these references.  Following these tips could save you time and money.


Getting Started with Trensco

When you're ready to work with Trensco Landscaping, let us know.  Simply complete and submit the form below. 



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